“Recalling the raspy, liquor-soaked growl of Tom Waits, Latini’s soulfully controlled vocals animate the stories of the songs. At once smooth and rough, his singing sounds alternately celebratory, remorseful, seductive and dangerous.”

-The Ann Arbor Observer

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John Latini is as dextrous in conversation as he is on the guitar.  His is the kind of persona that alters everything nearby with its power and charisma.  Latini's presentation is absolutely irresistible.  The ultimate extrovert, he exudes confidence, good humor, wit, and an affectionate attachment to life.  It's hard not to be taken with his left-of-center observations and his gentle intimations of the absurdities of the world.  At the same time, he courageously reveals himself in songs like "Yesterday I Painted Your Room", a touching song about the time of life when children begin to leave home.  We heard the blues in its truest form, a man putting his emotion into song form...and loving life all the more from doing so.  I could talk here about Latin's guitar skills, but you'll have to listen to his recordings yourself.  Let me just say this--he plays passing chords that have "13th" in their names--one after another.  While he defies categorization, Latini has won lots of awards, often for blues.  His voice, his gravitas, and his subject matter are reminiscent of the blues, but his chord structures, disarmingly affectionate wit, and eclecticism transcend that musical format.  He commands the stage and rules the room when he plays or speaks.    
-Ken Hardley, Rolling Hills Radio

In addition to being a serious crafter of clever, literate songs, Latini is the purveyor of a slick, blues-soaked, economically hard-driving guitar style— but more than anything he’s an intense, incandescent performer, with an emotional, testosterone-charged voice that the Ann Arbor Observer called “alternately celebratory, remorseful, seductive and dangerous.”  Visit John Latini's website here